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chico magnifico
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                                                                                                      updated on 14 August 2009
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most people remember me as "chico"...
but behind is "lawrence george" the real me...
"chico" is nowhere near my real may sound strange but everyone loved i prefer to keep it that way...
anyway, sit back and relax...
come join me as we take a peek of my journey to life...

Inspirational Quotes

"Life is short, live it to the fullest" coz' its LG,            Life's Good!
"Enjoy & love what you do, and you will never work again..."
"Don't judge a book, if you are not a judge"
"Knock and you shall be opened, open and you shall be knocked"
"You don't stop laughing because you grow old,        you grow old because you stop laughing"
        (¯`• (¯`•.¸®chico®¸.•´¯)•´¯)
                   GiVe mE a SiGn...

Road to Simple Way of Life
1. Looking up to The ONE - Creator
2. family
3. career
4. friends
5. health - relaxation
6. health - sports
7. and the rest are top secret...

My Favorites

Favorite Bands or Musicians: U2 & fra lippo lippi
Favorite TV show: crime scene investigation (CSI)
Favorite movie: braveheart - freedom!

Favorite Links

my music station

sony pictures - movies

inq7 - news

Makati, Philippines....skyline view at night...

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