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chico magnifico

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xxxxx  Upland, CA 91786 USA  xxx-xxx-xxxx h/p   


2002 October


AutoCAD 2002 level 2

Informatics, Tampines, SINGAPORE

2001 April


TERRA MODEL version 9.8 for windows      

23 Pandan Crescent, SINGAPORE

2000 May


XSTEEL basic & advance training for version 5.4 Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines

1999 Oct


Computerized Construction Project Management

National Irrigation Administration, Edsa, Philippines

1997 July


ISO 9001: Maintenance Quality System Seminar

Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines


1997 January to June


Engineering Cadetship Training Program

Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines





Analysis & Design of general frame, truss, or plate/shell structures


Smart Plant


3D Model review & visualization




Structural Analysis and design




Stability and design of slopes thru circular slip analysis




Structure 3D modelling, including connections which by design generates fabrication drawings



Contour 3D modelling, precise volume calculation, preparation of illustrations and charts




Preparation of various technical illustrations and design & construction drawings

MS Office


MS word for preparation of correspondence, reports, design calculations and other technical documents

MS Excel for graphs, calculations, tables and lists

PowerPoint for arranging presentations and reports 

Outlook for organizing and email

Windows 98, ME & XP


Operating system



Civil / Structural Engineer  

Construction of 105 MMSCFD Hydrogen Plant (Edmonton 2)


Canada, 2006 January – Air Products and Chemicals Inc. (APCI) announce to construct a 105 million standard-cubic-feet-per-day (MMSCFD) hydrogen production plant expected to serve by April 2008 to several customers in the Alberta Heartlands industrial corridor and the Petro-Canada refinery which will be the first in Canada to provide a sale of hydrogen for use in the upgrading of Canadian oil sands. This is the second facility to be constructed by Air Products in alliance with Technip USA to supply hydrogen to Petro-Canada's 135,000 barrel per day refinery, as well as several additional customers in the Edmonton area.


Engineering activities

        Design and review of various civil and structural items that includes:

1.      Combustion air and flue gas duct works

2.      Lifting schemes for Structural Steel modules

3.      Open frame steel structure and supports

4.      Laying out of platforms and walkways

        Participate in the model review to ensure civil items proper clearance with piping, electrical, furnace and mechanical equipments through smart plant and plant design (PDS) to satisfy OSHA and project requirements.

        Assisted in the review of fabrication drawings.



Civil Engineer  

Construction of Container Berth and Stacking Yard, Pasir Panjang Terminal

(Phase C06 to C08)


Singapore, 2005 March – Ports of Singapore Authority (PSA) awards to TOA Corporation the Phase C06 to C08 project, which costs S$76 million. The three-berth expansion project expected early 2007 is to be completed phase by phase and will be handed over to PSA immediately for operation. Major activities are piling onshore, rock protection works, pre-cast beam and slabs assembly, stacking yard pavement and installation of port ancillaries that includes gantry cranes.


Pasir Panjang Terminal (PPT) is Singapore’s newest state-of-the-art and most advanced container terminal. From its quay cranes that can handle the largest containerships, its towering bridge cranes for yard operations, through to its paperless flow-through gate.


Engineering activities

        Reviewed applicability of existing construction drawings, defined and recommended appropriate changes as proposed alternatives to resolve identified interface among ancillaries, openings and connections of piles, precast slabs and beams. Presented and discussed with the client thru meetings for verification and approval.

        Part of the team in the planning and preparation of execution plan for the following activities:

1.      Piling sequence (percussion and auger method)

2.      Sand filling and revetment works

3.      Construction of caisson deck

        Assisted in the preparation and drafting of various technical drawings such as piling plan (966 marine 1m dia. spun piles), detailed shop drawing layout plan and detail of technical proposals.




Civil Engineer                                                      
Reclamation At Pulau Ubin & Pulau Tekong Project (Part 1)


In October 2000, Partners TOA Corporation and Jan De Nul commenced the 1,400-hectare of land reclamation project at Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong, Singapore. This massive project for housing and residential purposes involves the filling of 200 million m of sand, capital dredging of waterways, the construction of an offshore dumping ground for disposal of 24 million m of soft clays, the construction of a staging area on the mainland using 6 million m of good earth and 3.5 million m of clay and bund construction area length of 15 km.  The project, being worth S$1.84 billion, is suppose to be completed November of 2005 however due to unforeseeable circumstances the project is still in progress and is expected to last until 2007 indefinitely.


Engineering activities

        Arranged and prepared various design calculations that includes a temporary jetty, structural serviceability of an existing bridge, slope stability checks, soil improvement and lined drains for the entire reclamation area.

        Conducted site visits to investigate actual site conditions that may require further analysis and review considering various aspects such as slope stability, settlement, and erosion. Recommends appropriate solutions with supporting technical data to ensure works as per design and safe completion of construction activities.

        Estimation of all quantities for various civil structures and other reclamation quantities with complete detailed breakdown in support to the contracts department for preparation of claims to client.

        Organized and prepared detailed proposals on connections and transitions with design, quantities and illustrations not included in the original contract. Achieved objectives of the project, technical and aesthetic quality and cost effective designs. Prepared detail of construction drawings that include layout plans, sectional details and views of various reclamation items.



        Attended numerous meetings with client to confirm and settle inquiries on the submitted designs, construction drawings, proposals and quantities. Maintained and updated tracking record list of ongoing items with history to monitor progress and served as a guide and reference in the meetings.

        Obtained endorsement of design calculations and detail drawings from local professional engineers as a requirement by the client.

        Deputised for other engineers, appropriate to his functional work, when required. Supervised and maintained timely schedule of dispersed designs and workloads.

        Assisted in other projects on special assignment basis that require expertise in civil design, technical proposal building, AutoCAD and Terramodel applications.

        Provided support in the handling of document records, procedures and filing as per ISO 9001 standard requirements in anticipation for future audit.




Civil / Structural Supervisor

BPC Polyethylene Plant Project      

The polyethylene plant project commenced in December 1997 at the Petrochemical Park, Bataan, Philippines, owned by a consortium led by British Petroleum, Petronas Berhad of Malaysia and some local investors. This project worth U$150-million completed in March 2000 involves heavy lifting and construction of temporary jetty for the unloading of two gigantic reactors, construction of four super structures, numerous pipe bridges, huge foundations for tanks, flare stack, and buildings & structure, platforms, walkways, roads, and various structures.

The plant is estimated to run at a capacity of 275,000 metric tons per year and started commercial production in 2000. It is to produce polyethylene resins in the form of white pellets, which are used as raw materials for PET bottles, films, monobloc chairs, PVC pipes and other applications.

Engineering activities

        Attended coordination meetings to discuss, clarify and develop cost effective and fit for purpose design solutions to fit project requirements to various engineering and technical issues and problems as well as progress of works and other pertinent matters with other contractors.

        Reviewed and prepared field design changes, replied to technical inquiries and directly supplied solutions backed by design calculations if necessary thru site instructions to the contractors for its immediate action and implementation.

        Reviewed applicability of existing drawings, Standards and Specifications and recommend appropriate changes. Where appropriate, carried out basic surveying work sufficient to meet the design needs.

        Evaluated and approved external contractors claims for field changes and variations with cost. Coordinated with project engineering group for drawings, specifications, clarifications, progress reports, progress/final claims of contractors/consultants, procurement of critical items, contract administration, variations, action items, interfaces, handing over etc.


Management & Supervision

        Assisted in carrying out duties and responsibilities for the planning, coordination, timely completion and safe execution of site works to lead civil structural group in the entire course of the project execution.

        Carried out regular monitoring thru visits and inspections of work sites of all operations in progress to establish existing conditions, ensure safe working premises and practices. Takes proactive measures and strict follow up for mitigation of impact of any delays/constraints affecting progress of works. Anticipates, forecasts and highlights areas of concern to the department head and recommends for improvements.

        At completion, arranged and issued to contractors punch list of major structures then performed final inspection, ensuring all items identified in the list are satisfied and complied accordingly prior to handing over.

        Reviewed documents received from contractors/consultants such as organization chart, equipment/manpower mobilization programme, construction programme, structural steel erection procedures, shop drawings, QA/QC & HSE plan, ensured their implementation, took necessary action in cases of any lapse and/or lagging.

        Coordinated site control procedures such as progress reporting, man hours, down times, site supervision, QA/QC, HSE, work permits. 

        Attended meetings with contractors, consultants, and vendors to review progress on weekly basis. Analysed and addressed critical areas of progress/delays in construction, procurement, resource mobilization and any other areas shortcomings. Reviewed and acknowledged minutes of the meetings.




Project Coordinator
BPC Polyethylene Plant Project    


Engineering activities

        Checked and processed detailed calculations, design drawings and fabrication drawings for approval set for release to the client. Ensured the application of design codes, standards, practices and specifications.

        Re-designed and modified design calculations on urgent basis such as sudden change of loadings and vendor details, on-site modifications or by the remarks received from consultant and client.

        Review/comment on the detailed design calculations and drawings submitted by contractors and consulting engineers. Ensured consistency with the latest information. Modified calculations and drawings based on identified corrections on the design.

        Verified and validated design input, vendor documents and technical information for correctness and adequacy based on defined standard requirements. Coordinated to the contractor/vendor/client in writing on the matter of discrepancies and lacking information necessary to proceed in the execution of works.



        As a liaison, between JGC Yokohama Japan and JGC Philippines, handled all inquiries, comments, and deviations concerning information. Prepared coordination correspondence for other disciplines for clarifications.

        Organized and maintained an updated master list of vendor drawings, control documents, transmittal, and various correspondences.

        Assured that all information issued is the latest revisions, adequate, clear and accurate to keep a high quality of business.

        Reviewed and checked fabrication drawings of various steel structures ensuring all details are in order against the design detailed drawings prior to release to fabrication.




Junior Engineer

Various projects


     Design Engineering

        Prepared analysis and detailed design calculations and drawings for both reinforced concrete and steel structures in accordance to project standards and specifications at required schedule. These includes the following:

1.     Various types of foundations ranging from combined or mat footings, irregular shaped, piled, ring wall, sleepers and with socket type pedestals.

2.     Concrete structures that includes bridge culvert, retaining walls, water treatment tanks and pits.

3.     Steel structures from platforms, walkways, pipe bridges and supports.

        Provided assistance in the preparation of underground/ foundation location plan drawings. Took part in the sewer drain analysis and design of various projects.


Projects involved as a Design Engineer:

Project Title




Turkmenistan Polypropylene & Utility Project


Turkmenbashi, TURKMENISTAN





Malaysia LNG Tiga Plant


Bintulu Sarawak, MALAYSIA





BPC Polyethylene Plant Project  (Area C5/C6 Modification)


Bataan, Philippines


Bataan Polyethylene Corp. (BPC)


Pryce Gas Project


Davao & Misamis,  Philippines


Pryce Gases Inc.


Cerro Negro Upgrader Project


Cerro Negro, VENEZUELA




Port Dickson LRCC Project


Port Dickson,



SHELL Refining Company


Project: Reclamation At Pulau Ubin & Pulau Tekong Project (Part 1)




     Stability of Sand bund construction and reclamation filling at the transition area where initial stability check confirmed slip failure of the existing conditions during bund and reclamation execution. Instead of excavating existing bund which will generate more time and huge cost impact on the project, the solution was to strengthen the foundation of the bund at the location of transition thru Soil Improvement by means of Gravel Compaction Piles


     Effective replacement ratio is limited to a maximum of 30%; timing of construction execution interface with other activities; diameter and clear spacing between pile columns is within capability of available equipments to be used

Applied methods/principles:

     Finite Element, circular slip analysis, soil improvement and settlement

Result/Contribution to project:

     Replacement ratio of 30% is achieved, huge savings in cost, shorter length of construction period, and introduction of another civil advancement to the company and project.






     Flooding of existing low-lying areas due to blockage on the existing drains caused by progress of reclamation works.


     Water ponding, king tide level as per Singapore ENV requirement yields to a very wide drain and future uneven settlement along the constructed drain.

Applied methods/principles:

     Backwater analysis, hydraulics (Manning’s equation), stone revetment design (Escarameia and May)

Result/Contribution to project:

    Tremendously reduced the 10m wide temporary earth drain to a final stone-lined drain of only 3m. Instead of a concrete lined drain, client agreed to the proposal that a stone lined drain is more suitable in these conditions due to its flexibility to settlement, advantage in maintenance, shorter period of construction, and thus huge savings in costs overall.






     Immediate need for a temporary jetty for loading and unloading of heavy materials from barges. Location fronting site office feasibility is not economical due to shallow and weak soil properties of the existing shoreline seabed.   


     Lesser budget, short construction period, barge approach to jetty considering tide level and proposed location is above an existing stone revetment. 

Applied methods/principles:

     Circular slip analysis, stability against sliding, strength of materials

Result/Contribution to project:

     Temporary jetty is functional as expected allowing materials to be delivered as scheduled. Materials used in the construction are available in the project site yard further contributing to the immediate completion and reduction in cost.

Project: BPC Polyethylene Plant Project




     Piled foundation for a Butene Spherical Tank. Establish the required total number of piles.


     Massive loading, arrangement and determined total number of piles to be within the designed allowable load zone, and concrete volume to be within the tender quantity.


     Review of technical documents including tank loading and structural data. Perform analysis, foundation design, and stability check applying load combinations according to design standards and specifications. Determine significant loading combination and axis that generates critical loading for strength design application.

Applied methods/principles:

     Strength of materials, pile analysis to determine both maximum and minimum reaction load of a pile group.

Result/Contribution to project:

     Total number of piles is lesser than expected as a result of strategic array arrangement, which also created the installation convenient at project site. Final design is within the tender quantity.






     Foundation of Guy-wires supporting a Flare Stack. These guy-wires foundations for the towering flare stack that needs to be supported in six locations (3 x 2sets) yielded to a massive footing when applying a conventional shape. Thus, exceeding the tender estimations.   


     Huge uplift and horizontal forces that influence a heavier required footing weight to satisfy stability requirements. Consequently, the envisaged increase in concrete volume is greater than the tender estimate.


     Perform analysis and foundation design, review of vendor technical documents

Applied methods/principles:

     Problem-solving in determining a solution to reduce the footing size satisfying the stability requirements

Result/Contribution to project:

     Creative idea thru the introduction of a shear key to the footing that improved stability and significantly reduced the footing dimensions allowing savings in the required concrete volume


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