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chico magnifico

My Professional Background

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Projects Involved and Job Description 


Civil Engineer                                                                          
TOA Corporation – Jan de Nul Joint Venture, SINGAPORE                                Nov 2000 – July 2005

Reclamation At Pulau Ubin & Pulau Tekong Project (Part 1)


        Prepared proposals with complete design, details, drawings, and costing of additional works not included in the original contract.

        Supervised and maintained timely schedule of dispersed workloads to other engineers

        Reviewed and checked designs and detailed drawings prior to submission to client.

        Estimated most of the quantities for various civil structures and other reclamation quantities with complete detailed breakdown.

        Attended numerous meetings with client to confirm and settle inquiries on the submitted designs, construction drawings, proposals and quantities.

        Maintained and updated tracking record list of ongoing items with history to monitor progress and serves as a guide and reference during meetings.

        Assisted in other projects on special assignment that require expertise in civil design, AutoCAD and Terramodel applications.


Field Supervisor / Civil Engineer

JGC Philippines Inc., PHILIPPINES                                                                    Jan 1999 – Sep 1999

BPC Polyethylene Plant Project (construction site)


       Assisted to lead civil structural steel group in the entire course of the project execution.

        Attended coordination meetings to discuss and clarify progress of works and other pertinent matters with other contractors.

       Prepared field design changes, replied to technical inquiries and directly supplied site instructions to the contractors for its immediate action and implementation.

       Conducted field / visual inspections of completed works set for release to client in order to confirm that such is in accordance to the project specifications.

       Reviewed and checked lifting methods and erection procedures of steel structures then ensured its strict and safe implementation prior to its approval and handover to client.

        Checked and monitored execution / progress of works for its timely completion.


Liaison / Project Coordinator
JGC Corporation, Yokohama-JAPAN                                                        Jul 1998 – Oct 1998       BPC Polyethylene Plant Project        


        Served as a liaison, between JGC Yokohama Japan and JGC Philippines

        Prepared coordination correspondence for other engineering disciplines for clarifications.

       Checked and processed detailed calculations, design drawings and fabrication drawings for approval set for release to the client.

       Assured that all information released to Manila office are the latest revisions, clear and accurate to keep a high quality of business.

       Maintained an updated master list of vendor drawings, transmittal, and various correspondences.

        Modified minor corrections on design calculations or ACAD drawings as deemed necessary.


Civil Design Engineer

JGC Philippines Inc., PHILIPPINES                                     Jan 1997 – Jun 1998, Oct 1999 – Oct 2000


        Prepared layout and design calculation sheets for reinforced concrete structures such as culvert, retaining wall, pits, foundation of tanks, equipment and structure that included piled foundations of 10,000 m3 diesel fuel tank storage, and a butane spherical tank.

        Provided support in the preparation of underground/ foundation location plan drawings.

        Prepared and reviewed detailed design calculations and drawings in accordance to project standards and specifications at a required schedule.

        Organized and updated master list of vendor drawings and other related data/information.

Projects involved as a Design Engineer:

        TURKMENISTAN POLYPROPYLENE & UTILITY PROJECT                                                          Turkmenbashi,TURKMENISTAN                                                                                TURKMENNEFTEGAS

        MALAYSIA LNG TIGA PLANT PROJECT                                                                                  Bintulu,Sarawak,MALAYSIA                                                                                           PETRONAS MLNG TIGA

        BPC Polyethylene Plant PROJECT  (Area C5/C6 Modification)                                          Bataan,Philippines                                                                                                           Bataan Polyethylene Corporation (BPC)

        PRYCE GAS PROJECT GAS                                                                                                Astorga Sta. Cruz, Davao &  Baliwagan Balingasag, Misamis Oriental, Philippines                 PRYCE GASES Inc.

        CERRO NEGRO UPGRADER PROJECT                                                                                Operadora Cerro Negro, VENEZUELA                                                                                 MOBIL, PDVSA

        PORT DICKSON LRCC PROJECT                                                                                           MALAYSIA                                                                                                                      SHELL Refining Company   

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last updated on July 2005